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CYA Fall 2009 Superset Tournament

Dear CYA Fall Superset Participant,


Thank you for participating in Sunday's event.  We look forward to seeing you.  Here is some information to help you prepare for the tournament:


1.  Match times are now published on the tournament website.  It is the same site where you registered for the event.

Click on "draws".  You will see a drop down menu labeled "events".  Click on the age division in which your child entered.

Most events have been separated and grouped by letters.  You may have go thru several "event letters" before you find your name.

If you are in a group of 3 or 5, you may not play in round 1.   If you can't find your name under "round 1", you will find your name under "round 2" to determine your first round match time.  It is your responsiblity to go to this link and determine your first round match time.

Please note that your match time may be delayed if prior matches run long.  The USTA default rule will be in effect.  If you show up more than 15 minutes late for your match, and a court is open, you will be defaulted.


2.  Event format:  Everyone was placed in a group of either 3, 4, or 5. 

-If you are in a group of 3, you will play two matches versus the other two players in your group.  Each match will consist of a 8 game pro set (first to reach 8) with a 7 point tiebreak to be played at 7 games all.

-If you are in a group of 4, everyone in the group will play three matches versus each of the other players in your group.  Each match will consist of a set to 6 games (first to reach 6) with a 7 point tiebreak played at 6 games all.

-If you are in a group of 5, four people will play three matches, one person will play four matches versus other players in your group.  Each match will consist of a set to 6 games (first to reach 6) with a 7 point tiebreak to be played at 7 games all.



3.  Trophies will be given for first place only in all groups.  Winners will be determined by their match win-loss record or win-loss pct.  In case of ties, the head to head result will break the tie.  If there is no head to head result, games won-loss pct. will be used to break the tie.


4.  Event Location:  Westfields Marriott, 14750 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, Va.  20153.  Once you enter the property, you will pass the hotel on your left.  The road will curve to your right, you will pass the tennis courts on your right.  Go to the bottom of the hill and park.  Due to the large turnout, some events will be played at Westfield High School, 4700 Stonecroft Blvd., Chantilly, Va. 20151.

The school is located just minutes from the Marriott.  Everyone should still check in at the Westfields Marriott prior to your first match regardless of where you play.  There will be tournament staff at both locations.


5.  Bathroom facilities:  There will be bathroom facilities at the Westfields Marriott hotel.  We apologize that there will not be any bathroom facilities at Westfield High School.


6.  Warmup Time:  All participants will be given a ten minute warmup prior to their first match.  For subsequent matches, warmup will be limited to no more than 5 minutes.


7.  Balls will be provided for all matches.  Since the matches consist of just one set.  Used balls will be used for some matches.  Our plan is to use balls for two sets and then remove them from the tournament.


8.  Inclement weather updates:  We will maintain a tournament message line in case of inclement weather.  If we need to postpone or suspend play due to rain, we will immediately leave a message on this line.  The phone number is 703-263-0994.  We do not have an indoor option should it rain.


9. Updated tournament information:  There are several ways that we will keep you updated.  At the tournament website (the site at which you registered and secured your first round match time) there is a "notes" section on that page.   We will keep the most important information on that page.  We will also maintain a tournament page at the tournament administrator's website,

(The information you are reading in this email will be maintained at that site.)


10.  Coaching, Line calling:  All players will be expected to call their own lines and keep track of their own scores.  Tournament staff reserves the right to make final call on all disputes.  If a linesperson is requested, the tournament staff person may come out on court for a short period of time and/or find a unbiased third party, if available, to stand courtside to settle disputes.  There is no coaching allowed by anyone during the course of the match. 


11.  Score reporting and ball return:  Both players should return to the tournament desk after each match to report the score, and to confirm their next round match time.  Players are responsible for returning all balls to the tournament desk after each match.


12. Parents must stay outside the court fences at all times.  Parents are welcome, and there will be opportunities to watch from outside the fence.  You are encouraged to bring your own chairs, as available benches and chairs will be limited.


If you have any additional questions between now and Sunday morning, the best way to reach me will be by email:

Thanks again.  We hope you have a great tournament experience this weekend.



Doug Kegerreis

CYA Fall Superset Tournament Director