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 CIT Updates:

Our 2015 season has come to an end.  Thank you for a great season of tennis!

Our 2016 season will begin in late March.

Please check back soon for all the information about our programs in 2016!

-Our Tennis Buck Prize Page is now online!!!  Look at all our prizes by clicking here.

Chantilly High School tennis team reaches Northern Virginia Regional Semi-Finals for second consecutive year! 

2015 Chantilly High School Girls Tennis Team, coached by CIT President, Doug Kegerreis


Ryan Shane, Northern Virginia resident, wins NCAA Mens Single title representing University of Virginia!

CIT president, Doug Kegerreis is shown above leading NCAA men's singles champion Ryan Shane through explosive performance fitness workouts.  Doug worked with Ryan when he was in high school working out at the 4 Star Tennis Academy in Merrifield, Virginia. CIT was providing these workouts to all of the nationally ranked juniors at the Academy.

"See you on the courts in 2015!"


 CIT has been providing tennis programs and instruction in Northern Virginia for 28 years.    Through the years,  CIT has earned a reputation of providing solid instruction based in a   fun, game-based atmosphere.  The program is built around each student having a positive and enjoyable tennis experience.



Maria Reyes-Chian completes second year as CIT Head Pro!!!

Maria just returned to UVA for her second year.  She finished her second year as a CIT head professional  runring CIT Tennis Camps and Clinics.



CIT Staff Attend USTA National 10 and Under Tennis Workshop at CITI Open

CIT teaching staff Doug Kegerreis and Maria Reyes-Chian attended a USTA 10 and Under Workshop recently at the CITI Open in Washington, DC.  They also enjoyed quarterfinal matches of the pro tour event that afternoon. The workshop is part of a national initiative to educate and promote the exciting changes being implemented to get more children learning, enjoying, and excelling at the great game of tennis!




CIT President Doug Kegerreis presents:

High School Tennis:  Are you ALL in?

(joining Doug on the presentation panel from l. to r., Kim Dillard, Westfields HS tennis coach; Maria Reyes-Chian, captain, Chantilly HS girls tennis team; Doug; Bob Pass, owner and director of 4 Star Tennis Academy; Chip King, chairman of USTA Mid-Atlantic junior competition committee)

Doug presented at the 2014 USPTA Mid-Atlantic Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  As a high school tennis coach for the past ten years at Chantilly High School, Doug is passionate about what a great experience it is for tennis players to play on their high school tennis team, regardless of their skill level.  For most players, tennis is an individual sport.  Many high-level tournament players are skipping high school tennis.  They feel that they can't get the level of competition in practices and matches they need in order to compete at their level.   Doug's main response to anyone who questions whether to play high school tennis is this:  "The value of the high school tennis team experience trumps everything".   The team dinners, secret pals, senior days, the daily support and encouragement of your teammates, lifetime memories, lifetime friendships from that small window of opportunity makes for a great short-term alternative for high level tournament players to the high pressure grind of tournament tennis at the national level.  Doug encourages tournament players to manage their time well and schedule their high performance workouts before or after high school practices if they don't feel like they are getting those workouts with their team.  But don't ask for special privledges, like skipping team events, in order to workout elsewhere.  All players should respect the privledge it is to represent their high school on their tennis team for just four short years. 



Click here to read Doug's article "My Game Changers:  Reflecting on 30 Years as a USPTA Professional"

Published in September in Addvantage Magazine, the national publication of the United States Professional Tennis Association


Watch Doug's complete video on how to play tennis!  Just click  here.




CIT President Doug Kegerreis made his annual trip to the US Open  in New York City.

This was Doug's 30th trip to America's Grand Slam, and 28th consecutive visit dating back to 1986.




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Do you know why Scientists and Physicians view tennis

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No sport can claim as many

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Click below to read ALL 34 reasons why tennis is the greatest sport to play!!!


 See you on the courts in 2015!


  Email us at if you have any questions.



 Tennis Instruction, Leagues, Tournaments, and Program

Chantilly International Tennis - Tennis Instruction and Coaching    

Explore a wide range of tennis instruction, leagues, and tournaments for all ages and levels of interest with Chantilly International Tennis. Our friendly, knowledgeable tennis professionals provide an extensive selection of tennis management services throughout D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland. From beginning youth and juniors programs to a variety of fun and professional services for adults, put our passion and experience to work for you and experience everything the game of tennis can be.

Doug's 2015 US Open Preview:




Mens Singles:

For the last five years or so, if you mentioned the big three on the men’s tour, who would you think of? I think Rafael Nadal would be in that list. However, he is not on my big three list as we begin this year’s US Open. Rafa’s inconsistent year continued through the US Open warmup events, failing to reach even the semi-finals in either Canada or Cincinnati.   He has had little recent success on hard courts in order to feel any confidence for the Open. He is a CHAMPION, however. He has the stuff inside in which champions are made. He is not on my favorites list, but you can never count out the heart of a champion. Now on to the big three: Murray definitely has a fighter’s chance. I saw him live in DC a few weeks ago lose in the first round to a guy I barely heard of. However, he came back and won Canada, and lost in the semi’s to Roger.   My take on Andy is this: He will not determine whether he wins the Open. He will beat Roger or Novak only if their game is slightly off that day. I still don’t see him opening his shoulders and dictating play. How about Roger?   He just won Cincinnati, won of the biggest tournaments , outside of the grand slams , on the pro tour, and the biggest tune up event of the Open. Roger has changed his game! He is playing higher risk/higher reward tennis. He is taking more chances, dictating play, and shortening points. Has anyone seen his “rush and crush” play off the return of serve recently. It has taken me back, oh close to 30 years, when McEnroe was dominating the game doing it. And Roger HAS to do it. He can no longer grind out points with the top players. The long points will take its toll on Roger, physically , at age 34.   Nobody can beat time.   So Roger has a “puncher’s chance” at the Open. First, he must get through the first week and a half with relatively short matches. One or two 5 setters in the early rounds may do him in. However, if he can successfully hug the baseline and play “first strike” tennis , that is, gain an advantage early in points with aggressive shot making, he has a chance. Do I think Roger will win this year’s Open.   No, I don’t. It will be exciting to watch, but I don’t think he is capable of playing this high risk/high reward style successfully over two weeks playing best of 5 set matches. Finally, on to Novak Djokovic. Can he have a year just short of a grand slam. I think he can. I believe he will win the Australian, Wimbledon, and the US Open this year, and fall only one win short- The French Open final, from winning a grand slam, not done in men’s tennis since 1969. Novak has the necessary skills and fitness to grind out long matches over two weeks.   I don’t think he has a big problem losing in two consecutive finals, Canada and Cincinnati, leading into the Open. He is now a veteran champion, and has his focus on the big prize: New York City!! So with superior skills, fitness, and confidence, Novak Djokovic will win his 3rd major of the year, and 10th overall, winning his 2nd US Open title.


Ladies Singles: Serena. I could end this post with just that word. Only Serena can beat Serena at this year’s US Open. If Serena would suffer an injury prior to the US Open Womens Final on Saturday, September 12th, that would be the only way she does not win the championship, and with it, a calendar grand slam. It would be first in the women’s game since Steffi Graf won the “Golden Slam” in 1988. It’s known as the Golden Slam because not only did Steffi win all four grand slams that year, but she also won the Gold Medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, the first year tennis was an official Olympic sport in over 60 years. And Serena wants this title and the grand slam BAD! This would be her 22nd grand slam singles title, tying her with Steffi Graff, and second only to Margaret Court’s 24. When Serena wants a tennis title really bad, and she is healthy, there is NO STOPPING HER. I really don’t see any clear cut challengers, which like I mentioned in an earlier post, is NOT GOOD for women’s tennis.  

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